Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahh... you never forget the first time.

No this has nothing to do with that. The last thing I would want to do is go public with that event in my life. This is just my first blog on the new blog All Things Norwood which is also the name of my website. I have been posting for a long time on my myspace because one of professors at USC told us if we weren't blogging we were all retarded monkeys. However, it seems, and maybe its just me, that all the musicians ran everyone on myspace off to facebook and I can't say that I blame them.

So the answer is move off of my myspace and allow the whole web surfing world to enjoy my self indulgent trivial claptrap.

A lot of blogs are people reporting on the same thing, pro football, gardening, movies, but mine is just excess thoughts that before the internet had nowhere else to go.

For example, how about this 90 year old Filipino man I saw at McDonald's this morning wearing a Damn Yankees (the band) hat? Of course he probably picked it up at Goodwill and doesn't care what I think but I choose to believe he's a huge fan. I hope he has several bootleg tapes and I hope his least favorite Damn Yankees song is "High Enough," just to have that added pretense that permeates through the Eastside of L.A.

You may already have decided that I have wasted your time and that you shall never return to this blog again. That's fine. I bid you a fond farewell. If you do like this, check back in periodically. I can't promise I will take you high enough but I'll know just what to say when you call me baby.

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